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Interview with Will Duff: Being a Signature Living Sales Executive

Since starting with Signature Living in 2014, as a sales executive at Signature Living Hotel, Will Duff has since been promoted internally to Sales Revenue Manager.

Will Duff - sales jobs Liverpool

He’s taken some time out of his busy day to reflect with us on what it was like to go from starting at one of the most exciting sales jobs Liverpool had, to where he is today.

We’re now hiring and have sales job Liverpool vacancies in the Signature Living sales team. We need plenty of enthusiastic applicants who are looking join the Signature Living family.

Here’s a look at how Will got to where he is today and, what he loved most about working on the Signature Living sales team.

Not Your Average 9-5

Will will be the first to tell you that the flexibility of working on the Signature Living sales team is what helped keep a balance between working hard and having a happy home life.

“The days in the office used to fly-by as the booking enquiries were, and still are non-stop. But that’s what keeps the job interesting. No two bookings were ever the same and you get to interact daily with some really interesting people”.

Having joined the Signature Living sales team through a friend’s recommendation, Will was fully aware of Signature Living’s DNA, and what it took to make every guest experience memorable.

Signature careers - sales jobs Liverpool

Now, Will focuses on keeping the money rolling in but, back in the day, Will says;

“delivering the perfect guest experience, from the first point of contact to a guests check out of their Signature Living Hotel room or apartment was key.”

Having an approachable, fun-loving personality and good knowledge of the business, is what made Will so good for Signature Living. Describing his role he continues:

“Signature Living sales executives need a passion for the brand and a good knowledge of the city’s nightlife, heritage and culture helps too.”

A Wonderful Working Environment

As most Signature Living guests book to stay for landmark celebrations and special occasions, the vibes of the Signature Living sales team office are always energetic and bubbly.

After all, our Signature Living sales executives are selling one of a kind experiences to hen parties, stag parties, birthday celebrations and couples in search of romantic breaks.

It’s always a happy environment. Will says:

“my favourite part of the job was that no two days were ever the same. One day you’d be helping to arrange someone’s hen party in a huge pool party hotel room, the next you could be helping organise a couples surprise engagement”

Every one of the Signature Living sales executives have just one job, and that’s to make each and every guest experience one of a kind and unforgettable.

Passion for the Brand: Will’s Favourite Venue

With so many amazing locations to choose from, we know it’s a hard task to pick just one, but when you’re excited about what you are selling, it’s sure to make your job a lot easier.

The Shankly reception - sales jobs Liverpool

When Will first started, Signature Living’s Head Office was temporarily based in The Shankly Hotel. Will now rates The Shankly in Liverpool as his favourite Signature Living venue. He remembers fondly walking into the building when the hotel was still under construction.

“As time went by, we all began to see huge changes in our surroundings and slowly watched The Shankly Hotel take shape around us. Before we knew it, we were walking into a beautiful reception area and were ready to host the grand opening of Liverpool’s first football themed hotel. It really was something to see!”

We know Will’s favourite venue says a lot about his time with Signature Living and it’s still one of the things he enjoyed most about being a Signature Living sales executive.

Can Will Describe Signature Living in just 3 Words?

Not as easy as he first thought, we asked Will to describe Signature Living using only three words. (He failed)

The first comes out quickly; Fun.

Thinking back to his time in the Signature Living sales team, Will remembers the strong feeling of teamwork and support. He fondly recalls some of the people he worked with, many of whom have progressed through the company as he has.

The second; Fast paced. (that’s two words, Will. Fail)

Will remembers the challenges he faced as a Signature Living sales executive, recalling how quick he needed to be to stay on top of enquiries, and how rapidly Signature Living expanded since he joined the team.

“There was, and always will be, something new on the horizon for Signature Living, they constantly strive to be the next best, unseen thing in hospitality.”

Lastly, Will struggled to find a single word that summed up working on the Signature Living sales team. He settles on Bonkers!

Signature Living Careers - sales jobs liverpool

When we asked what he meant he simply gestured around to a vibrant office, filled with his smiling colleagues, colourful walls and people walking by with cameras and filming equipment.

“There’s never a dull moment here in the office, the cogs are always turning, and people simply enjoy coming here to work every day. Last week a girl won a trip to Vegas for her outstanding sales performance and two members of management dressed up as Elvis to deliver her prize. Things like this just don’t happen in your average sales office, do they?”

Can You Sell Fun?

If you think you have what it takes to join the Signature Living sales team, simply ask yourself one question; can you sell fun?

Can you make someone’s hen party or stag do the most unforgettable one ever? Do you know what it takes to make people want to come back, time and time again?

If the answer is yes, you’ve got all you need to join the team and, like Will learned;

“When you come to work for the Signature Living sales team, you need to be prepared to expect the unexpected and deliver above and beyond those expectations every working day. Get ready to learn a lot and be creative. You’ll be joining a brand that truly values their staff, if you work hard you’ll have endless opportunities with the Signature Living brand.”

Join the Family and Look Forward to the Future

After nearly 10 years of solely operating in Liverpool, the last few years have seen Signature Living grow and expand in record time and overseas.

sales jobs Liverpool

We now have properties in Belfast, Preston and Cardiff, and will be sailing to warmer shores this summer, on our Floating Beach Club, The Funchal.

Will says:

“I can’t wait to see where Signature Living can go next, everything that’s happened since starting out on the sales team, 5 years ago just shows that there’s no stopping us. Signature Living has become a juggernaut in the hospitality and leisure industry and its great to be along for the ride. “

The world is literally Signature Living’s oyster, by applying for the most exciting sales jobs Liverpool has and becoming part of the Signature Living sales team, it’s you who will be helping to take the company onwards and upwards in the future.

Be a part of something special, sign up on our Signature Careers website and send your CV into us.

Stop selling products and start selling fun, as a Signature Living sales executive.

Signature Living cocktails - Signature Living jobs

Signature Living Jobs: Cocktail Competition at Alma de Cuba

Signature Living own and operate some of the best bars in Liverpool and soon across the UK. The venues each prove popular among visitors and locals alike so it comes as no surprise that we also have some extraordinary talent in front of the optics who are ready and waiting to show off their skills. As far as Signature Living jobs go, working behind one of our bars gives people the chance to showcase and grow their talent in front of an ever-changing audience.

With our latest hotels due to open all over the UK, we’ve invited staff from Belfast’s up and coming George Best Hotel, as well as our own city bars to come together and showcase their skills in one super Signature Living Cocktail Competition!

Signature Living cocktails - Signature Living jobs

We want to show the public what it takes to work at Signature Living behind any of our bars. This competition will give our gifted staff the platform to impress their colleagues and clients with skills they’ve been able to develop since working with the brand. Come along on the 28th November to Alma de Cuba and check out who you could be working alongside in any of our exciting new ventures in and outside Liverpool.

The Rules

Each Signature Living bar will present one cocktail from their repertoire to face off against the others. Best of all, samples of all six drinks will be made up for the night and served to those who come to watch the show for just £5 a pop.

Just sit back and watch the masters at work as they aim to create the tastiest cocktail in Liverpool and beyond on the 28th November, between the hours of 18:00 – 23:00, the competitors will gather together, bringing their top tipple to the table and have it judged by you, the public.

One member of staff from each of our amazing Signature Living bars will come to the plate with a cocktail of choice. They will be judged on the flavour of their concoction, the presentation of the drink itself and how creative they’ve been with their ingredients and mixology.

This not only gives our clientele a chance to witness some extreme drink mixology skills (Tom Cruise has nothing on our team) but our staff will also develop a healthy sense of competition and camaraderie, bonding over jobs that they love to do.

The Entries

This is what we can expect from each of the Signature Living bars and some of the contestants taking place.

From Alma de Cuba:

Newly acquired in 2016, Alma de Cuba was already a popular place to drink in Liverpool, even before Signature Living added it to their family.

Now the creators of cocktails have free reign to unleash their creativity, and the Cuban carnival atmosphere no doubt adds a dash of Latin flair to anything these guys will whip up.

Contestant: Gareth McCullough

Experience: Bierkeller, McCooley’s

Favourite cocktail: Old Fashioned

Top skill: Speed. The ability to offer quick service and a quality drink.

Why do you love working for Signature Living: The company has allowed me to progress my bartending skills dramatically in the past year or so. I’ve always had a genuine interest in cocktails, and the complexity that goes behind making a well-balanced drink. The training that I’ve been given in Alma, has allowed me to believe that it could be a promising career and not just something I enjoy doing.

Biggest competition: I think everyone, to be honest. I can’t see much separating the bartenders in our Liverpool venues and I’m sure all the drinks will taste amazing. Although The George Best bartender, probably, as I don’t know much about their skills, so that could be interesting.

Seems Gareth might have a bit of concern about what the Belfast’s bar team will be bringing from over the water. No doubt Alma’s contestant will be making the most of his home field advantage.

From Bar Signature:

Signature Living’s original bar will no doubt be ready to shake things up in the competition.

Bar Signature - Signature Living jobs

Being the oldest, longest reigning hot spot in Liverpool’s dynamic nightlife, located in the foyer of Signature Living Hotel, Bar Signature has a reputation to uphold as being able to deliver entertainment as well as fabulous drinks.

Let’s hope they don’t disappoint.

From The Shankly Hotel’s Bastion and Garden of Eden:

The stylish class and charm of Bill Shankly is exuded through every aspect of The Shankly Hotel and this includes the drinks made behind The Bastion Bar and our rooftop Garden of Eden.

No doubt the staff here are well versed on all the traditional favourites, but will they be sticking with the Old Fashioned or bringing something new and unexpected to the contest?

Contestant: Mike Egbe

Experience: Being mixing for just over four years between England and the United States

Favourite Cocktail: Smoked Japanese Old Fashioned

Top Skill: Flavour and presentation

Why you love working for Signature Living: Being given the opportunity to progress and excel in my field and craft and being surrounded by amazing hard-working people on a day to day basis.

Biggest competition: Alma De Cuba as it’s a home turf advantage and I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of their bartenders and know that they bring quality!

Perhaps Mike’s time in the US will give him an unexpected edge and showman quality to his efforts, we’ll just have to see what Bastion’s entry has got up his sleeve.

From Mulholland:

We can’t wait to see what’s shaking behind the bar at Mulholland as the venue recently underwent a revamp and transformed into Liverpool’s first musical diner.

We can only hope they bring a touch of musical magic to inspire both their drink of choice and performance on the big night.

Contestant: Lorenzo Gatti

Experience: 5 years bartending, 1-year making own cocktails

Favourite Cocktail: Mai Tai

Top skill: Multi serving/pouring

Why you love working for Signature Living: It’s a fun vibrant place to work and no two days are the same.

Biggest competition: Everyone. I’m really excited to see what the others in the group can bring to the competition.

Lorenzo knows he’s got stiff competition across all Signature Living venues but he seems ready and waiting to show what he can do.

From 30 James Street’s Carpathia Champagne Bar:

Bringing a touch of class and elegance to the table, the staff from Carpathia can be expected to showcase their refined skills providing a tasty first class addition to the competition.

Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant - Signature Living jobs

Steeped in Liverpool’s maritime history, might we look forward to a salty sea fairing classic cocktail mixed to perfection?

From Dickie’s at George Best:

Across the pond, we have begun to recruit some of Belfast’s best bar talent to serve drinks in Dickie’s, The George Best Hotel bar and restaurant.

Looking forward to becoming a popular spot for residents of Belfast and visitors alike, Dickie’s staff will be working hard to show us they’ve got what it takes.

Contestant: Karl Givalry

Experience: 2 years at The Devenish, a stylish leisure complex wedding and events venue

Favourite Cocktail: Espresso Martini, with a punch of coffee flavour as well as a luscious creamy head.

Top skill: Bringing new and emerging techniques to the table and explaining his work to clients. That and a secret ingredient that sparks when touched by a flame.

Who’s your biggest competition: The Shankly and Alma de Cuba

Why you love working for Signature Living: I love signature living simply because it is fun yet professional. Many places feel like a sinking ship and this feels like a rocket (expanding, growing).

We cannot wait to see what Karl has in store for the competition and what he’ll bring to The George Best Hotel, Dixie’s Bar when it opens soon.

The Big Prize

Of course, a competition like this needs to have an amazing prize at the end so, as well as epic bragging rights, the winner of the Signature Living Cocktail competition will also receive a fancy trip to London.

Here they can explore the capital city and pick up more inspiration from all of London’s best bars as well as enjoy a tasting session at the Sipsmith Distillery and a behind the scenes tour.

Sipsmith Tour London - Signature Living jobs

If you’d like to see what it’s like to work among a group of gifted individuals, or if you simply think you could do better, check out the various Signature Living jobs live and waiting for your application on our Signature Careers website.

Being part of the team at Signature Living, no matter which city you chose to work in, will give you the chance to build much more than your bar skills, you’ll also make some amazing friends along the way.

Entry to the cocktail competition hosted in Alma de Cuba on the 28th November is free and samples of the delicious cocktails made on the night are just £5.

May the best bartender win.

graduate job Liverpool

Signature Careers Team Recruiting at the Belfast Job Fair 16th May

Soon The George Best Hotel will become Belfast’s latest and greatest accommodation experience, contributing to the noted rise in Belfast’s tourism trade. We want the best of the best people in the hospitality industry to come and join our team so the Signature Careers representatives are taking a trip across the Irish Sea this month and they couldn’t be happier about it.

They will be in the city at the Belfast job fair taking place in Clayton Hotel on the 16th May, looking to recruit the brightest stars in the tourism industry.

Here’s the kind of thing our team will be looking for.

A Bit About Signature Living

Starting out in 2007 Signature Living have revolutionised the hospitality market by introducing a new style of group accommodation and combining it with uniquely themed leisure and entertainment facilities.

Our existing venues in Liverpool and Cardiff have been created inside iconic buildings and structures that were in need of renovation and revitalising.

Thanks to the unique approach Signature Living bring to the table, we’ve been able to adapt our style of business to suit and we are able to offer a wide spectrum of job roles within each new project we embark upon.

Jobs For All Skills

Front of House Vacancies in Belfast - Belfast job fair

If you have excellent people skills and are always willing to go above and beyond expectations then a job in hospitality is definitely for you.

All the staff at Signature Living go the extra mile to make sure every guest experience is unforgettable and unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

Our locations and facilities are only part of what makes staying with Signature Living so memorable. It’s our people that make the difference and we know Belfast has a huge pool of talent that could be waiting to take the next step into promising future careers.

Working with Signature Living is fun and challenging as no two days are ever the same and there’s always something going on.

Whether you are considering a role on reception, in guest relations or perhaps you have management in your sights, Signature Living will have space for you in what is set to be Belfast’s most exciting hotel yet.

What Are We Looking For?

We need people to fill every role in the business.

Could you be the first face that our guests see when they walk through the door? Or are you a dab hand at whipping up clever and creative cocktails?

Bar and Restaurant vacancies in Belfast - Belfast job fair

No matter what there’s a place for every skill set in Signature Living at The George Best Hotel.

Our experience with The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool has given us an idea of what to expect in The George Best Hotel in Belfast. The Shankly Hotel welcomes die-hard football fans, families on short city breaks and groups of guests coming to sample the best city nightlife.

We want people who can help all our guests create lasting memories of their stays in Belfast and we know how important every person is. From the head of house-keeping to the night porters and kitchen staff, every individual can contribute a special something to each guest stay.

Who Will Be There?

The Signature Career representatives who are coming to the Belfast job fair will be on hand to discuss all vacancies and potential employment opportunities at The George Best Hotel. They will also be happy to answer any questions about our vision for The George Best Hotel and how it will change the face of Belfast’s accommodation market.

These are people who have watched Signature Living grow from a small company operating serviced apartments to the fastest growing accommodation provider in the UK. They have been a part of the driving force that has helped Signature Living develop into the national company it is today.

Signature Careers Representatives coming to Belfast job fair

Each representative of Signature Careers also knows exactly what it takes to become a Signature Living employee. They will explain what is expected of each and every member of staff at Signature Living and all the benefits that come with working for Signature Living.

Better still, some members of Signature Careers started out in different parts of the business and because Signature Living actively promotes internally if you have your sights set on a future in hospitality management you can work your way up to your dream job with Signature Living.

For details of the Belfast job fair in Clayton Hotel check out our Signature Careers Facebook page.

The fair will take place on the 16th May 10 am – 2 pm, bring a copy of your CV along and see if you can become a part of the Signature Living Team at The George Best Hotel.