9 Things That Happen in Every Office

9 Things That Happen in Every Office

Offices are funny places, aren’t they? A menagerie of many different personalities, work ethics and standards on what makes a socially acceptable meal to cook in the microwave. We’re looking at you, Bob. Put the mackerel away.

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ll know these nine things are true.

1. Everyone Gegs in on Your Diet

9 Things That Happen in Every Office


You’ve noticed an increase in the number of snacks around the office and are convinced Sandra from accounts is secretly trying to taunt you.

Your work besties are all trying their best to support you, though. They’ve championed your dedication to soup and carrot sticks. It’s all fun and games until you realise they’ve all been sneaking to the kitchen to eat biscuits.

2. You Never Get That Room You Booked on Time

9 Things That Happen in Every Office


No matter how hard you try, that meeting room is never available when you need it. You’d usually stand awkwardly within view to try and guilt-trip the culprit out, but it’s been 15 minutes now and you just look weird.

3. There is Never Enough Milk

Mmm. This milk-less tea is delicious.

9 Things That Happen in Every Office


Where does it all go? Is there a black hole created specifically for dairy produce?

4. Time is a Mystery

9 Things That Happen in Every Office


3 pm on a weekend? Why, it’s the middle of the day, let’s do all the things!

3 pm at work? Naptime.

5. You Have a BA Hons in Procrastination

9 Things That Happen in Every Office


You’re highly skilled in the art of doing 20 minutes of work in 8 hours and 8 hours of work in 20 minutes. All that work you needed to do on Friday you said you’d do on Monday.

It’s now Monday and you’re busy thinking about how many sloths you could fit in the bin by the door, you’ve made a secret handshake with yourself and have now created a spreadsheet ranking all your favourite dog breeds.

6. There is no Need for Verbal Communication

9 Things That Happen in Every Office


It is completely normal for you to have entire conversations with people a mere five feet away via Slack. No time to talk, plenty of time to type. It’s also easier to show them all of the memes this way. Productivity!

7. You Could Happily Marry Your Lunch Break

9 Things That Happen in Every Office


Ah, lunch. The most glorious time of the day. You love to say hello but hate to say goodbye. Sometimes it all gets a bit too much and you eat everything you’ve brought in by 10 am.

It all becomes particularly exciting when it’s the day after payday and you can hear the faint calls of “Deliveroo” coming from your corner of the office.

8. You Get Very Invested in Work Gossip

9 Things That Happen in Every Office


You’ve no idea who any of it’s about, but you’re happy to get involved regardless. After offering up your skills in Facebook stalking, you are currently going through Denise’s brother’s girlfriend’s profile with a fine-toothed comb.

9. (Other People’s) Birthdays are the Highlight of Your Week

9 Things That Happen in Every Office


Why thank you, a man from IT with whom I have never spoken, I would love some of your birthday cake. Here is your card that we all signed. You’ll see that I haven’t addressed you by name, and that is because I forgot it. Happy birthday.

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Illustration of colleagues in office

My First Week at Signature Living


Starting any new job can be a daunting prospect, especially when that first week doesn’t go so well. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re always going to be known as the newbie – no matter how many cuppas you’ve offered to make.

To avoid this, it’s important to find company who will make this new-starter thing feel as easy and natural as possible, without the need for any unnecessary worry. This way, you can start looking forward to Mondays instead of wanting to throw your phone straight out of the window as soon as your alarm goes off.

An Employer With A Difference

People working at Signature Living

In all seriousness, it’s important to work for a company who fosters a work environment in which you can feel comfortable no matter how long you’ve worked there. In doing so you’ll be able to excel and flourish in your new role from the day you walk in the office door. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

That’s where I think a Signature Living job comes in. As a new starter here at Signature Living HQ, I wanted to share some insight into how that first week might go with any potential newcomers. The practicalities may be different for some, but the sentiment will stay the same. Signature Living are a family-run business, and their constant push to bring a sense of belonging and unity throughout the company really shines through.

Part of Something Bigger

Induction day at Signature Living

Before heading into the office, I spent two days with a handful of other new employees from across the business learning about all things Signature Living. Regardless of role, we were all given a thorough run through of every facet of the company. This meant that no matter whether we were a chef at Carpathia, employee at head office or someone working in a customer-facing role at The Shankly, we all got to get a real understanding of everyone’s part to play and how important we all were. Something that really stood out to me was what Managing Director Sue Wright said when she popped in to chat to the group;

“You’re not just a number to us,” she said. “We value each and every one of you in this business as individuals.”

We learnt about everything from the origins of the business to the ever-expanding repertoire of Signature Living – even food hygiene and allergy information. The main message across both days? That we were all responsible for the representation of the company no matter what position we held. It felt personable and informative – and the group setting allowed for plenty of questions, discussion and even a full-blown treasure hunt around Liverpool.

For us new staff members, this quickly fostered a real feeling of camaraderie, despite the entire team being made up of 900+ individuals across the board. It became clear that the company hires individuals who are definitely talented in their field, but almost more importantly people who are friendly, open and full of personality.

Getting Stuck In

Signature Living team

After the induction, I started my new role as Copywriter and Social Media Executive at head office. The two training days had diminished most of my anxieties about my new job, however naturally those first-day nerves still prevailed. They very quickly disappeared, though, as my new managers welcomed me onto the team and made sure I felt right at home. It was the same as what I’d found during the induction; every one of my colleagues was friendly, hospitable and ready to help with any questions I had.

Within that first week, I’d already been given the autonomy to work on articles and blogs across the entire Signature Living portfolio. The atmosphere in the office was – and continues to be – calm, comfortable and productive. The staff are trusted enough with their workload to break into a chat or two, whether it be about people’s weekend plans or what everyone wants to do when we all get together for the staff night out. All of this, combined with the fast-paced nature of the business, make for a really great work culture in which you’ll never be bored.

Moving Forward

Woman working at Signature Living

Two weeks later, and in the best way possible, I can say that I feel like I’ve been here a lot longer than I have! I’m excited to see what the future holds for Signature Living as a company but also for me and how my contributions will evolve within the workings of the business. There are so many new opportunities to grab hold of no matter what your role, so there are always going to be chances for personal and professional growth.

If you were thinking about applying to a Signature Living job, I hope that you’ve been persuaded you to go for it. You won’t regret it!