Chef Jobs in Liverpool: Work at Alma de Cuba, The Shankly and Dixie Dean Hotel

Looking to land a career as a successful chef? The best way to secure your dream job is to put together an outstanding CV that is certain to secure you one of the best chef jobs in Liverpool.

An impressive CV which highlights your in-demand expertise and culinary knowledge, is guaranteed to get you noticed by employers and ensure you land interviews for the very best chef jobs in Liverpool.

At Signature Living, we have a large culinary team who work tirelessly behind the scenes in some of the biggest hotels, restaurants and bars in the country – namely The Shankly Hotel, Alma de Cuba and The Dixie Dean Hotel. And now, you can join the team.

We understand the importance of a good CV – and so we should, we see hundreds every single day. So, to help you secure a job as a cook in either Alma de Cuba, The Shankly Hotel or The Dixie Dean Hotel, we’ve put together a few helpful tips that are sure to secure you one of the best chef jobs in Liverpool.

Don’t pad out your CV with Pointless Information


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When applying for kitchen jobs, whether you’re a pot washer or an executive chef, don’t pad out your CV with pointless information. Of course, employers want to hear about your hobbies and interests, but they don’t want to hear about the perfect piece of toast you made when you were 6-years-old.

Make your previous roles and achievements clear to show potential employers – like us – what they’d be getting if they were to hire you. On your CV, you need to show employers in a clear and precise manner that you are the solution to their problem.

So, if you want to secure one of the most sort after chef jobs in Liverpool, you need to streamline your CV and explain to employers what you can do in the kitchen.

First Impressions Count

As a chef, you’re presenting a piece of yourself on the plate – and your CV shouldn’t be any different.

The average recruiter spends around 5-7 seconds looking at your CV, so it’s important that you stand out from the crowd. Working in kitchens can be extremely harsh and tough, so you need to have a good work ethic in order to succeed. You may be able to cook the most amazing, delicious food in the world, but without a good work ethic, you won’t be able to secure one of the many chef jobs in Liverpool.

And, as Harvey Specter said: “Get it through your head, first impressions last.”

Never Stop Learning


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One piece of advice any successful chef would give you is that, you should never stop learning. Whether you’re Gordon Ramsey or at the very start of your career, you should never stop learning.

So, don’t act like you know everything when writing your CV. Employers like to see humility and a willingness to learn. Now, we’re not saying you need to point out your weaknesses on your CV, but don’t shy away from expressing your desire to learn, be it from the kitchen assistant or the head chef.

Develop your Own Style


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If you want to go on and become a world-renowned chef and make your mark, the most important thing is to develop your own unique style and talk about it on your CV. Have you developed your own signature dish, or maybe you’ve owned your own restaurant? Whatever it is, employers want to hear about it.

Be authentic and let your personality shine through both your food and your CV and hopefully, this should secure you one of the chef jobs in Liverpool that are up for grabs.

But also Learn the Basics


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Apparently, there’s a tendency amongst some people who want to be chefs to run before they can walk. They want to be Jamie Oliver before they’ve learnt how to boil an egg.

Ensure you understand the basics and you have a strong foundation from which to build your career on before applying for chef jobs in Liverpool.  What we’re trying to say is, do the hard work, put in the hours and you’ll reap the rewards when applying for chef jobs in Liverpool.

A Career at Signature Living

Fancy working as a chef at The Dixie Dean Hotel, Alma de Cuba or The Shankly Hotel? We at Signature Living are on the lookout for talented chefs of all abilities to work for us so, to apply, please email your CV to

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