Boss Your Future

An Interview with our Inspiring Boss Your Future Young Learners

Despite declaring that she is “a very hardworking and motivated person,” given that Lexi began our conversation by talking about the opportunity given to her by Signature Living, shows how important the Boss Your Future scheme is to young people who are ‘Neet’ (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

The Boss Your Future scheme is an incredible opportunity for young people labelled as ‘Neet’ and are also interested in a career in the hospitality industry.

A unique chance to gain experience and make connections; over the next 5 months, we’re going to be checking in on Lexi and the rest of the groups’ progress – which consists of aspiring hoteliers, philanthropists, restaurateurs and bar owners – and seeing how they develop over time.

Boss Your Future and the Group’s Aspirations

what not to do in a job interview

Trying to pinpoint exactly what he wanted to achieve with the Boss Your Future programme Ben, despite revealing he had “bad” anxiety to the group – which took amazing courage to do so, it must be said, exclaimed:

“I wanted to do the Boss Your Future programme because I’ve had bad anxiety for quite a while; Signature Living is very out there, and I wanted to throw myself in the deep end and gain more confidence and experience.”

You know when talking to Ben who, like the rest of the group is ‘Neet,’ that he will flourish and prosper on the programme. Indeed, he also revealed that he would like to own his own bar one day, adding: “I hope to get the experience and confidence required for that here, at Signature Living.”

Another aspiring bar owner and restaurateur is Brandon who, despite being quite reserved, had no problem in describing his career aspirations and what he was looking forward to the most: “Food and beverage – mainly the kitchen,” said Brandon who, like Ben, is labelled as ‘Neet,’ before continuing: “I’m aiming to be a chef and own a bar or restaurant.”

I’m going to work my backside off to be successful” said Mia, the youngest member of the group who, in spite of sharing the ‘Neet’ label with Brandon, Lexi and Ben, shared none of their career aspirations: “I’m looking forward to working with the homeless and organising events.”

It’s clear to see that Mia and her co-workers are passionate about their future which, because of Signature Living and Lawrence Kenwright, they are now the boss of.

The Influence of Lawrence Kenwright and Signature Living

Boss Your Future

What comes across so prominently as our conversation developed was just how motivated and single-minded this group is, although they did say that they were inspired by our chairman, Lawrence Kenwright.

Speaking for the group, Mia was not shy in pointing out our chairman’s impact on her thinking. “I’ve been expelled, so when Lawrence said when he was my age he was in a similar position to me, that’s what made me think: If he can do it, then I can.”

Lawrence is extremely passionate about creating both new and unique job opportunities in Liverpool, but he is also passionate about seeing these young adults succeed.

A Career with Signature Living

Boss Your Future

Over the next 5 months, we’re going to be checking in on Lexi, Ben, Brandon, Mia and the rest of the group in what will be a monthly feature; tracking their progress, development, ups and downs.

If you think you’re ready to take that leap of faith just like these amazing young people did, then make sure you don’t miss any of our latest vacancies. And, why don’t you also check out what it’s like to work here, with us.

Make sure to check back to the blog soon to see how the Boss Your Future programme is developing and, to enquire further about our latest events, contact our friendly team on 0151 236 0166.

Signature Living Reveal Plans for Croxteth Hall Transformation That Gives Back to the Community

Signature Living have revealed ambitious plans to transform the historic Croxteth Hall into a luxury hotel and wedding venue, with a training centre and donations to the Croxteth community.

The plans are set to include a hospitality training centre in the hall for local people and an estimated £500,000 from the project will be given to the Croxteth community each year.

Liverpool Council have stated they can no longer afford the upkeep and running costs of this once magnificent Grade II* building and are therefore on the lookout for a new operator to take it on.

With a proven track record of transforming derelict and empty listed buildings into high-end luxury venues, Signature Living are excited about the prospect of boosting the Croxteth community.

Croxteth Hall transformation

Croxteth Hall

A Centre of Excellence

As well as the development plans, Lawrence Kenwright’s vision will see local people from the Croxteth area given the chance to train and learn skills within the hospitality sector.

A centre of excellence will be created with a vision of training future Signature Living employees, which will also help boost employment figures. Lawrence said:

“There are a lot of unemployed people in Croxteth, we have just taken on 30 people from there in the last six months and some of them are our best workers.

“This means people from Croxteth could work in our sites in Cardiff, Glasgow, Belfast and all these great cities – they can move up the chain to be anything they want to be, anywhere they want to be.”

Signature Living pride themselves on looking after their workers and ensuring they get the best opportunities available.

Giving Back to the Community

The Signature Living boss has also promised that if his proposals are successful, 33% of its pre-tax profits would go directly to local people in the form of charitable donation.  This has been estimated to around £500,000 per year.

Lawrence has said:

“The idea would be to set up a charitable board of six people and unlike other grant funding for charities, this will be used for whatever we want to use it for and will be more about people – it will be a quick and easy process.”


Lawrence Kenwright

The Plans

Signature Living have proposed to transform Croxteth Hall into a luxurious hotel, spa and wedding venue.

Set to take just one year to complete, the plans include a unique Signature Living stamp with ‘glamping’ and ‘Hansel and Gretal treehouse’ rooms.

These ambitious plans are typical of Signature Living and Lawrence’s ambition to create a successful hotel and wedding venue outside of the city centre:

“You’ve got to have an edge – you can’t just open and say we are here – it’s got to be something that is different from everywhere else – but these are not things we can do without the say so of the council.”

Weddings are a huge part of the amazing new plans.

Croxteth is already a functioning wedding venue, however, currently they are few and far between. Lawrence sees the number of weddings per year increasing from 20 to 200.

He also stated that the addition of a luxury hotel will increase the appeal for wedding planners, as guests will have somewhere to stay afterwards.

Croxteth Hall transformation

Croxteth Hall

The Future of Croxteth

Signature Living are passionate about saving an asset like Croxteth Hall, redeveloping it for the better and opening it for the local community.

Currently, Croxteth Hall is open just 25% of the time and they charge £6 to get in, when it’s a hotel it will be open to everyone all the time.

“All the good stuff with the wood panelled walls, paintings and great views – that will all be open to the public – these places can’t be museums anymore as there isn’t the funding for them.”

Liverpool council have made it very clear that they will only hear bids that respect the listed status of the building and have a strong vision of maintaining the heritage of the site. They have also stated the importance of maintaining public access to the grounds.

Lawrence is also very passionate about this:

“It will be interesting to see if the others have the same understanding of listed buildings that we do – when it comes to taking listed buildings from semi-dereliction to hotels, I don’t know anyone that does what we do in the UK.”

The council is currently inviting developers to put their ideas forward and it is hoped a bid could be selected within three months.