Tips on What Not to Do in a Job Interview

By far, the easiest way to blow a job interview is to get on your interviewer’s nerves. Knowing what not to do in a job interview is therefore, absolutely vital.

Obviously, no one sets out to annoy his or her potential boss, but knowing and recognising those red flags is not always easy.

From bad manners, avoidable faux pa’s and sentences you should never say, take a look at what not to do in a job interview below.

You can thank us later.

What Not to do in a Job Interview

Talk Way too Soon About Money


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Money makes the world go around, but in an interview it should be the last thing on your mind. When asked why you want this job, remember to stay clear from saying so you can pop bottles on the weekend – no matter how true it is.

Although it’s important to know your worth, you should never bring up your salary before your employer. Like we said, knowing what not to do in a job interview is important – and bringing up money is an immediate no-no.

Be too Early – or Worse, Late


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Knowing what not to do in a job interview is valuable, but knowing what not to do before a job interview is equally as important.

Arriving late, not turning up at all, or not being flexible are huge annoyances – signalling to an employer why they shouldn’t hire you. Lateness is unforgivable, especially when you’ve known about the interview well in advance.

That said, arriving too early can also send a bad sign – not that we agree. According to Rita Friedman, you shouldn’t “diminish your desirability by appearing desperate”. That said, as long as you don’t turn up an hour early and stink up the waiting room – what’s the worse that can happen.

Working too Hard is my Greatest Weakness

Here’s the thing: spouting the same old tired, overly rehearsed cliches is unimaginative and, quite frankly, annoying. When looking at what not to do in a job interview, phrases such as ‘perfection is my greatest weakness’ and ‘my problem is, is that I work too hard’ come across as extremely irksome and should be avoided.

Stay clear of cliches and motivational quotes as they don’t provide a true insight into your work or personality. So, you’re best unfollowing all those motivational Instagram accounts and just be yourself.

Not Asking Any Questions

Asking questions illustrates your interest and passion for the position; it also highlights your attentiveness and your ability to think on your feet.

What not to do in a job interview, however, is not to ask any questions.

Be inquisitive, forward thinking and ask questions that stretch your interviewer. Indeed, don’t wait for a sudden bolt of inspiration – prepare strong questions in advance, even if you already know the answers.

This is your chance to get your revenge so to speak.

Don’t Bad Mouth a Former Employer


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In an interview you want to be the most positive person in the world; you want to be Mr. Positive, the mayor of positive town. What not to do in a job interview, however, is to be negative – especially about a former employer.

Airing your dirty laundry in public, no matter how reasonable your complaint, is a big no-no. “Remember, it’s a job interview, not a therapy session” – we couldn’t agree more.

A Career at Signature Living

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