bar staff jobs in liverpool

We’re Recruiting for Bar Staff Jobs in Liverpool! Could You Be Our Next Star Bartender?

We’re not just known for our incredible hotel rooms and incredible service, Signature Living’s restaurants and bars have become known across the city for being some of the best out there. Now, we’ve got a number of bar staff jobs in Liverpool available, and we want you to apply!

We’re looking for the perfect bartender to help us continue to give great service and whip up some of the tastiest cocktails in the city. If you’re looking for bar staff jobs in Liverpool, why not join one of the fastest growing and exciting businesses in the city?

At Signature Living, we pride ourselves on delivering only the very best in customer service, ensuring all of our guests, diners and visitors leave with a smile on their face. But we’re not just talking about people able to pull the perfect pint or mix up a fantastic cocktail, we want people who have a little spark, something special about them that makes them lovable, personable and memorable.

What We Look For

bar staff jobs in liverpool

When we recruit for bar staff jobs in Liverpool, there a few things that really make a candidate stand out to us. We’ve not got a set profile in mind, but there’s no denying that every member of the Signature Living family has a certain je ne sais quoi about them.

If a person has a flair for the eccentric, a penchant for the theatrical and a spring in their step, chances are they’ll fit right in with the team. We are known for putting on larger than life experiences for our guests, with vents throughout the year that help to secure us as the most entertaining hotel business in Liverpool.

In each of our venues across the city, we have a hand-crafted cocktail menu featuring age-old classics and new, unique offerings, so previous cocktail training is a massive plus if you’re applying for one of our bar staff jobs in Liverpool. We’ll make sure you’re up to scratch through ongoing training and support from the team and management, if you’ve got the spark, we’ve got the tools to help you.

A real team player, with the ability to work well in a fast-paced work environment, is the perfect person for our bar staff jobs in Liverpool. Our bars and restaurants are some of the most popular in town, so there’s no need to be worried about being bored while working, there is always someone to serve and guests to impress.

Bar Staff Jobs in Liverpool

We operate a number of venues across the city, and we’re looking for bartenders to shine across Liverpool. Take a look at some of our favourites out there and you could soon be joining us behind the bar to provide incredible experiences to everyone who walks through the doors.

Alma de Cuba is a staple of the Liverpool nightlife and last year, it came under the Signature Living wing and has gone from strength to strength. With regular live performances from our outstanding Samba girls and the newly launched Friday and Saturday night Carnival, it’s no wonder hundreds of people come flooding through the doors.

bar staff jobs in liverpool

One of our very first venues in Liverpool, Bar Signature is a firm favourite amongst locals and tourists alike for its energetic atmosphere and late-night antics. It’s the perfect place for those who love a party with no apologies. Serve up incredible drinks while vibing to the crafted party playlist.

The chilled out, but exciting Bastion Bar & Restaurant in The Shankly Hotel is the place to work if you’re a football fan, or even just appreciative of what football means to Liverpool. With Bill Shankly memorabilia donning the walls and tributes to the great man scattered throughout, it’s the place to be on matchdays (or any other day!).

For something a bit more upmarket, Carpathia, in the rafters of 30 James St, is one of the most beautiful venues in Liverpool. With incredible views of Liverpool’s world famous waterfront, there are no other bar staff jobs in Liverpool that can offer the view that Carpathia does while you work.

We’ve also got Mulholland bar within Arthouse Hotel, a Hollywood themed trendy bar, with the attitude and vibe to match. Add onto these fantastic offerings our in-hotel venues like Eden and the White Star Grand Hall, where we regularly host weddings and one-off events for the people of Liverpool and further afar and there’s such a wide range of venues to suit the wide range of people we employ.

bar staff jobs in liverpool

Find Out More About Bar Staff Jobs in Liverpool

If you think you’re the perfect candidate to be one of our new bartenders, have a look at our hospitality vacancies and apply for one of your dream bar staff jobs in Liverpool today.

Or, email over your cv to and speak to one of our recruitment officers about what we can do for you.

Web Designer Vacancy: 10 Tips from Media Manager Paul

If you’re looking for web design jobs in Liverpool, look no further! We may have just the job for you.

At Signature Living, we’re in search of a creative, friendly designer who’s always up for a challenge.

As our new Web Designer, you’ll work on an array of exciting projects and be the brains behind the branding of some of the UK’s most exquisite venues.

From heritage buildings and wedding venues to unbeatable party apartments, you’ll find that every day brings something new.

So to help you prepare and learn a little more about what we do, we asked our Media Manager Paul 10 questions to gather some top tips and deeper insight…

10 Questions with Media Manager Paul

1) What sort of experience are you looking for?

Previous experience working in a web agency or internal web role, working on multiple projects simultaneously is essential.

2) 3 words to describe the perfect web designer?

Open to ideas.

3) What sort of person would be a good fit for the team?

Someone with a good sense of humour!

4) List some common mistakes you see in interviews…

Not bringing a portfolio and examples of work (for a design job!).
Being unprepared – be ready for questions relating to you skills, creative process, inspirations and work.
Not researching the company.

5) How would you describe working at Signature Living?

Busy, fun and challenging!

6) What is the best thing a web designer can do to improve?

I think the best way designers improve is by working alongside other talented designers and creatives. It gives you the opportunity to see a fresh approach to a problem and opens you up to different styles and techniques.

Also, get your work critiqued regularly and listen to the feedback. Rather than see it as an attack, take on board the comments use it to improve your work.

7) How should a web designer present their work in an interview?

Bring an iPad or laptop (make sure it’s charged!) and be sure your work is presentable offline – don’t assume you will be able to join the companies network to show off your web skills!

Have a portfolio that talks about how you came to the final design, and be prepared to explain why you made the decisions you did. Where possible make your portfolio relevant to the position you’re applying for.

8) Would you say the office environment is more formal or informal?

Our team works similarly to a design agency so we prefer an informal approach, no shirt and tie necessary!

9) What sort of projects will the designer be working on day-to-day?

Holding pages and full website designs for our hotels, landing pages for offers and events, social media campaigns and email newsletter/templates.

10) What is the best thing about being at web designer for Signature?

Signature Living has two distinct brands – Party and Heritage, because of this you have the option to work on distinctly different styles and the freedom to try whatever you feel fits the brief.

We do everything in-house ranging from photography, to video and CGI work ensuring you always have great visuals to work with, and if we don’t have it then it can be requested and the team will create it for you!

So, are you up to the challenge? If this sounds like your the design job for you, we’d love to hear from you today. You can submit your CV here.

More about Signature Living

Based in the heart of Liverpool city centre, Signature Living is best known for bringing Liverpool truly unique accommodation. From Signature Living suites and apartments to hotels including 30 James Street and The Shankly, we’re leading the way when it comes to luxury accommodation with a twist.

We’re also the name behind top bars and restaurants including Alma de Cuba, The Bastion Bar & Restaurant and Carpathia Champagne Bar & Restaurant.

In the past year, we’ve broadened our horizons to The Exchange Hotel in Cardiff and multiple upcoming hotels in Belfast. Going from strength to strength, at Signature Living we’re significantly building upon the fantastic heritage side of the brand.

With so much diversity within the Signature brand, our team can always expect something new and exciting to look forward to. You’ll never find yourself stuck for things to do!

Apprentices at Signature Living for National Apprentice Week

Signature Living has fast become one of the leading accommodation providers in Liverpool. With four hotels already dominating the tourism scene and more iconic buildings being brought back to life in the coming months, as well as some of the best events in the city taking place under our roofs, it’s one of the most exciting business to work for in the city and beyond as we extend our reach. In previous years, we’ve also helped nurture some of the best young talent in the city with Signature Living apprentices and provided jobs for more than 650 people.

Our apprenticeship programme attracted some of the best young candidates in the city to be coached and nurtured to become the best in their field and to prepare them for their future careers.

From marketing positions to sales, hospitality to construction, there were plenty of opportunities for young people of Liverpool to get a glimpse into the accommodation providers that revolutionised the city.

We take a look back on some of the Signature Living apprentices that went on to be employed full time at once their apprenticeship ended.

Social Media and Marketing Apprenticeships

hotel jobs

Signature Living has outstanding support on social media with more than one million followers across our channels. These platforms play an important role in how we speak to our guests and how we make sure everyone stays up to date with all our exciting developments.

Our social media team has grown massively over the past few months and one member of the team started their career here as an apprentice. She’s now a valued, permanent social media assistant and she helps Signature Living keep on top of all our fantastic hotel’s Facebook pages and Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Graphic Design Apprenticeships at Signature Living


As well as social media being an integral part of our business, the graphics, designs and logos help us to communicate with our guests in creative ways.

An image is worth a thousand words and our designers work tirelessly to create the best pictures to appear on your news feed and on any leaflets. Our graphic design apprentice joined us more than a year ago and he’s now an important part of our design team and is a full-time employee of the marketing team.

Apprenticeships in Accounting

Like all big businesses, we need our admin positions to be filled by people with a keen eye for detail and the ability to make sure everything is running smoothly. Liverpool has some great talent in the city and we’re very lucky to have welcomed a bright talent into our accounts team recently.

We’ve had many apprentices come through our doors in the past few years, but only a few manage to gain permanent positions with us. Our accountant apprentice was more than impressive, so we kept her on so she could continue to contribute to the smooth running of Signature Living.

Supporting Our Apprentices


While our apprenticeship programme is no longer available, we continue to nurture young minds and talent by offering equal opportunity to people of all ages. We have a responsible support network of upper management and ongoing training in all areas to make sure everyone who joins the Signature family is fully trained and constantly improving

Jobs at Signature Living are some of the most coveted positions in Liverpool and with an amazing product like the accommodation we provide, it’s easy to see why. All our staff are proud to promote the service we provide and the superb hotels, bars, restaurants and city centre spa that welcomes hundreds of people every week.