Will Duff - sales jobs Liverpool

Interview with Will Duff: Being a Signature Living Sales Executive

Since starting with Signature Living in 2014, as a sales executive at Signature Living Hotel, Will Duff has since been promoted internally to Sales Revenue Manager.

Will Duff - sales jobs Liverpool

He’s taken some time out of his busy day to reflect with us on what it was like to go from starting at one of the most exciting sales jobs Liverpool had, to where he is today.

We’re now hiring and have sales job Liverpool vacancies in the Signature Living sales team. We need plenty of enthusiastic applicants who are looking join the Signature Living family.

Here’s a look at how Will got to where he is today and, what he loved most about working on the Signature Living sales team.

Not Your Average 9-5

Will will be the first to tell you that the flexibility of working on the Signature Living sales team is what helped keep a balance between working hard and having a happy home life.

“The days in the office used to fly-by as the booking enquiries were, and still are non-stop. But that’s what keeps the job interesting. No two bookings were ever the same and you get to interact daily with some really interesting people”.

Having joined the Signature Living sales team through a friend’s recommendation, Will was fully aware of Signature Living’s DNA, and what it took to make every guest experience memorable.

Signature careers - sales jobs Liverpool

Now, Will focuses on keeping the money rolling in but, back in the day, Will says;

“delivering the perfect guest experience, from the first point of contact to a guests check out of their Signature Living Hotel room or apartment was key.”

Having an approachable, fun-loving personality and good knowledge of the business, is what made Will so good for Signature Living. Describing his role he continues:

“Signature Living sales executives need a passion for the brand and a good knowledge of the city’s nightlife, heritage and culture helps too.”

A Wonderful Working Environment

As most Signature Living guests book to stay for landmark celebrations and special occasions, the vibes of the Signature Living sales team office are always energetic and bubbly.

After all, our Signature Living sales executives are selling one of a kind experiences to hen parties, stag parties, birthday celebrations and couples in search of romantic breaks.

It’s always a happy environment. Will says:

“my favourite part of the job was that no two days were ever the same. One day you’d be helping to arrange someone’s hen party in a huge pool party hotel room, the next you could be helping organise a couples surprise engagement”

Every one of the Signature Living sales executives have just one job, and that’s to make each and every guest experience one of a kind and unforgettable.

Passion for the Brand: Will’s Favourite Venue

With so many amazing locations to choose from, we know it’s a hard task to pick just one, but when you’re excited about what you are selling, it’s sure to make your job a lot easier.

The Shankly reception - sales jobs Liverpool

When Will first started, Signature Living’s Head Office was temporarily based in The Shankly Hotel. Will now rates The Shankly in Liverpool as his favourite Signature Living venue. He remembers fondly walking into the building when the hotel was still under construction.

“As time went by, we all began to see huge changes in our surroundings and slowly watched The Shankly Hotel take shape around us. Before we knew it, we were walking into a beautiful reception area and were ready to host the grand opening of Liverpool’s first football themed hotel. It really was something to see!”

We know Will’s favourite venue says a lot about his time with Signature Living and it’s still one of the things he enjoyed most about being a Signature Living sales executive.

Can Will Describe Signature Living in just 3 Words?

Not as easy as he first thought, we asked Will to describe Signature Living using only three words. (He failed)

The first comes out quickly; Fun.

Thinking back to his time in the Signature Living sales team, Will remembers the strong feeling of teamwork and support. He fondly recalls some of the people he worked with, many of whom have progressed through the company as he has.

The second; Fast paced. (that’s two words, Will. Fail)

Will remembers the challenges he faced as a Signature Living sales executive, recalling how quick he needed to be to stay on top of enquiries, and how rapidly Signature Living expanded since he joined the team.

“There was, and always will be, something new on the horizon for Signature Living, they constantly strive to be the next best, unseen thing in hospitality.”

Lastly, Will struggled to find a single word that summed up working on the Signature Living sales team. He settles on Bonkers!

Signature Living Careers - sales jobs liverpool

When we asked what he meant he simply gestured around to a vibrant office, filled with his smiling colleagues, colourful walls and people walking by with cameras and filming equipment.

“There’s never a dull moment here in the office, the cogs are always turning, and people simply enjoy coming here to work every day. Last week a girl won a trip to Vegas for her outstanding sales performance and two members of management dressed up as Elvis to deliver her prize. Things like this just don’t happen in your average sales office, do they?”

Can You Sell Fun?

If you think you have what it takes to join the Signature Living sales team, simply ask yourself one question; can you sell fun?

Can you make someone’s hen party or stag do the most unforgettable one ever? Do you know what it takes to make people want to come back, time and time again?

If the answer is yes, you’ve got all you need to join the team and, like Will learned;

“When you come to work for the Signature Living sales team, you need to be prepared to expect the unexpected and deliver above and beyond those expectations every working day. Get ready to learn a lot and be creative. You’ll be joining a brand that truly values their staff, if you work hard you’ll have endless opportunities with the Signature Living brand.”

Join the Family and Look Forward to the Future

After nearly 10 years of solely operating in Liverpool, the last few years have seen Signature Living grow and expand in record time and overseas.

sales jobs Liverpool

We now have properties in Belfast, Preston and Cardiff, and will be sailing to warmer shores this summer, on our Floating Beach Club, The Funchal.

Will says:

“I can’t wait to see where Signature Living can go next, everything that’s happened since starting out on the sales team, 5 years ago just shows that there’s no stopping us. Signature Living has become a juggernaut in the hospitality and leisure industry and its great to be along for the ride. “

The world is literally Signature Living’s oyster, by applying for the most exciting sales jobs Liverpool has and becoming part of the Signature Living sales team, it’s you who will be helping to take the company onwards and upwards in the future.

Be a part of something special, sign up on our Signature Careers website and send your CV into us.

Stop selling products and start selling fun, as a Signature Living sales executive.