Vision & Values

Since its inception in 2008, Signature Living has maintained a strong set of visions and values which have remained at the core of the company despite their rapid expansion over the past few years.

Our aim is to build genuine relationships with as many guests as possible, believing that long-term relationships are more important than short-term profit. We concentrate more on creating value for our guests than extracting it from them.

We will deliver an unforgettable experience with the friendliest, most helpful service our guests have ever encountered, where we exceed their expectations at every step. We want our guests to feel as comfortable and at ease in our hotels and apartments as they would in their own homes or in their best friend’s home.

We want their stay to be something they talk about for weeks, so they’ll never dream of staying anywhere else and will recommend us to all their family and friends. Every single thing we do will be aimed at making the guest come back or spread the word about their incredible stay with us.
And we believe that the key to achieving this is through our employees’ behaviour. Our team members make all the difference every day, through what they do and say in each and every interaction with our guests. To make that happen, they are empowered to ‘bend’ the rules and procedures if they feel a particular situation demands it.

We are not a hospitality company with great customer service. We are a great service company who happens to be in the hospitality business.